Building an alternate future requires an alternate approach

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Building an alternate future requires an alternate approach

Picture Africa in ten years, or a hundred years, or a thousand years. What new possibilities exist? What new dreams and discoveries? 

Since Kwanda launched in February 2020, we have made over thirty investments and deployed over £50,000 into a broad range of initiatives. These include: clean-water projects in Tanzania, reusable period kits in Kenya and Zimbabwe, grants for Black-owned small businesses in the UK, scholarships for 200 women across Africa to learn design skills, and sustainable agriculture projects in Rwanda. Our village has extended itself in support of communities in Nigeria, Jamaica and St. Vincent and the Grenadines in their times of crisis. 

In carrying out this work, we have gained a deeper sense of the scale and complexity of the challenges that exist today. We have seen how our investments in Africa have much greater potential to make an impact than our investments elsewhere. We have gained deep conviction that the solutions that are created today have to be as exponential as the challenges, because the opportunities are exponential, too.

Our visions for the future hinge on transformation, which requires us to chart bold paths towards the future. In choosing a more radical approach, we are not being insensitive to the realities of people’s lives. It is precisely because of those realities that we need to look into the future and imagine the widest, most expansive possibilities for us all. 

The African continent is home to 226 million young people. They represent almost 20 percent of the global youth population. A successful future is one in which their full potential is unleashed. 

We firmly believe that Africa is uniquely positioned to lead the rest of the globe in charting a new - and better - path towards the future. One that is sustainable, equitable and inclusive. And we believe that getting there requires daring, unconventional and as yet unimagined solutions. We need new dreams, new discoveries, new stories. We need new possibilities. 

This is the opportunity that is in front of us: to build and invest in the solutions that will create transformation in Africa and beyond. To bring people together so that we can combine our resources and knowledge to move towards a better version of the future.  

We know that we don’t have all the answers, and we don’t need to. Our job is to uncover and amplify the ingenuity that we know already exists in Africa. Our job is to build a platform that enables us to invest in transformational African ideas together. Our job is to ask the questions that will move us all forward: What does the future look like when we fall in love with solutions, not problems? What does Africa look like when the diaspora are not merely funders, but investors, building up the continent? What new possibilities do we create when Africans are able to live expansive lives and dream their wildest dreams? 

These are the questions we ask ourselves as we build on our ambitious vision for the future. And the answer will be what Africa - and the world - looks like in ten years, or a hundred years, or a thousand years.