Project report - Sustainable agriculture project for 82 families in Nyabisindu Village

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Project report - Sustainable agriculture project for 82 families in Nyabisindu Village

On December 22nd, 2020 Dufatanye Organization distributed ten banana trees, two fruit trees, two laying hens, vegetable seeds, and fertiliser each to villagers in Nyabisindu. Eighty-two villagers gathered together with ten leaders elected to manage the distribution and monitor their groups. A total of 2788 produce items were distributed.

Through expert training in agricultural practice, the Nyabisindu beneficiaries learned the proper cultivation of bananas, fruit trees and how to look after laying hens.

The exotic breed of hen (Saso), given to beneficiaries grows faster and lays longer than the local species. This will provide them with eggs for a more extended season than they have experienced in the past.

"Malnutrition is now history," - spoken by a beneficiary.

A lady called Mukantabana said:

"God, you have given me these chicken. Prevent your Eagles from taking them. All my life is here."

Another 58-year-old widow by the name of Bazarama Theresa who looked to be a joke maker said:

"A name belongs to the owner, Bazarama I will become rich. The God who made me survive genocide has sent you to make me rich. When you see me driving you widows don't think I stole from you. Bazarama, I am going to get rich at an old age. My dad gave me a good name Bazarama". Bazarama can be translated as you will live long.

The beneficiaries extended their appreciation to Kwanda villagers and Dufatanye Organisation.

"Thinking about us and supporting us during this difficult period is a blessing we will never forget. We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year."

This concludes the written report of this project produced by the Dufatanye Organisation.