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A collective effort

Written by Jermaine



I'm writing this letter to clarify for our villagers how we plan to develop Kwanda going forward. As you know, our goals are far-reaching and global. If we are to maintain this broad scope, we have to avoid re-creating the work that is already being done within communities and by community leaders and members.

Our role as an organisation is to support, enhance, amplify and invest in the work that is already being done in and for black communities. This means all our endeavours should be in collaboration with 'X', or in partnership with 'X'. A project, programme, building or business that we produce in isolation is viewed as ineffective within our organisation, as it requires we build up a knowledge base from scratch.

Acting as a support structure rather than a sole producer will allow us to focus on what we're uniquely good at: Building the technology, systems and community necessary to organise and grow our collective capital.

This letter serves as a clarification to villagers but also a call to future partners.

We want to hear from and work with collaborators at any scale. You could be:

  • An individual that wants to start, or already runs a book club and is looking for a partner to help with funding, branding, promotion, etc.
  • An organisation that cares for children with disabilities and is looking for a partner to help fund renovations to your building.
  • A producer of cultural events looking for a partner to help with securing venue space, amplification etc.
  • A developer looking for partners to fund a development project.
  • A group that organises career development workshops looking for a partner to help with securing catering, volunteers, guest speakers etc.
  • A legal support team working on behalf of community members and looking for a partner to support your sustaining costs.

... the list goes on.

We are asking future partners across the globe, who are trusted and have a track record of producing for their community to use Kwanda to extend their funding, expertise, technological capabilities and more.

If that's you, get in touch.

As always, if you have any questions, as a villager, you have my email, or you can find me on the village slack.



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