Covid-19 update


Hello, villager.

As some villagers have asked what we're doing in this period, I'm writing this email to outline the role we will play for our community in the coming months.

Kwanda was created as an additional support system for the black community. We are to look out for those who are overlooked, and many will be.

Although we are still in our startup period, we've gathered enough villagers and funds to be of assistance to our community in our little way. The distributed and digital nature of Kwanda has us well-positioned to adapt and re-configure our approach to serving our community.


We had planned to launch a new concept in April called 'Streams'. These are different branches of Kwanda with specific focuses. The first of these streams were to be Kwanda Relief™ - which consists of programmes and businesses that provide large and small scale relief and support to those who need it. We'll now be launching Kwanda Relief™ this month with a program that is relevant to the current situation.

Everyday People

The program is called 'Everyday people' and is designed to raise small amounts (£100 - £250) for individuals within the community who need assistance in the short term. It's a useful program for the situation we find ourselves in.

We'll begin all fundraising campaigns under this program with a 25% (of target) contribution from our village pot and get also urge our community of villagers to get behind each campaign for an extra push.

Live projects

We'll be pausing any live projects and programmes, that will diminish our ability to help those who are in critical need of support during this period.

What should you do as a villager?

Be vigilant. If somebody falls, we pick them up. Keep an eye out for people who are in critical need of support, whether that's yourself, a local black business or a person you know who needs a lifeline in the coming months. When you do identify these opportunities to help, open up a discussion within the #village slack channel or via the Kwanda suggestion box, and we'll work on a solution together.

As always, if you have any questions you can reply to this email, or find me on Twitter.