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Kwanda is entering phase two of development

Written by Jermaine


Hey, villagers.

This month has been a difficult one to figure out. The challenge has been one of deciding when and how we'll be transitioning the organisation into the second phase of development.

The act of beginning phase two in itself is not so much of a challenge, but ensuring we begin phase two with the right focus and approach is crucial. Getting this wrong could hurt our ability to operate efficiently in phase two.

Our trajectory is still as outlined in the 5 phase development plan; however, I want to be explicit about how things will be changing over the coming months as we transition into phase two.

Some new things that will define the next phase of development:


We're going to produce and maintain budget allocations which will finally allow you an accurate view on our spending intentions month to month. We believe the most productive areas to produce impact initially will be in education, health, and enterprise. As time goes on, our allocations and focuses will become more granular.


By developing permanent programmes, we're able to compound impact, compound learning, and more importantly, scale our impact by steadily increasing funding and forming corporate partnerships. We've seen this happen with our digital group therapy work and we're going to double down our efforts on such programmes for sustained impact.

Physical hubs

We're going to begin opening multi-purpose spaces and centres which will allow us to facilitate community impact in major hubs. A typical space will be repurposable and can be used as a space for co-working (enterprise), workshops (education), yoga (health), and much more.

What's changing:


Projects typically require a lot of effort in short bursts to produce and are concluded in quick order. This is great for getting the word out, learning rapidly and proving our effectiveness, but it means the social impact is contained within the project, and our overall impact is scattered.

We'll still do projects, but we'll be shifting the onus of project management, execution and impact measurement to trusted and experienced partners.

Projects will now solely be:

  • a way of extending the impact of work that's already being done effectively by experienced local organisations;
  • a way of extending relevant short term opportunities to Black communities.

What's staying the same:


We'll continue hosting fundraisers for organisations on Kwanda, and will increase our support and amplification for organisations who are raising funds on our platform.


We'll continue funding organisations that reach out to Kwanda. A difference will be that our budgets and focuses will dictate our funding capacity.

Closing notes

All of these changes mark a move closer to Kwanda as an enabler versus a sole producer.

Welcome to Kwanda phase two.



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