We're back from sabbatical!



Hey, villagers.

I'm writing this letter to announce Kwanda's return from sabbatical! Earlier this year, we took a break to allow our team some time to rest, recuperate, and chart a new path towards achieving our vision.

What did we do while on sabbatical?

First, our team took some time out to rest our minds and bodies.

Then we set into reviewing our vision and strategy: we reflected on the issues we perceived to be in the world, the approaches that have been taken before us, and the strategy we seek to employ in addressing these issues. Next, we reflected on where we've done a great job and where we still have some work to do. Finally, we upgraded our back-end technology and processes to enable us to do our work more effectively.

As we mentioned in our previous announcement;

Kwanda will inevitably return transformed.

So, what's changing?

Deeper investments

We've developed and will be following an investment thesis that focuses on quality over quantity. As a result, we'll take a slower and more thoughtful approach when assessing investments, executing projects, and telling the story of our impact.

Previously, we turned over projects quickly, which compromised the quality of our execution and our ability to fully communicate the impact we were creating. So, we'll make fewer, high-quality investments and make sure each has the potential to produce a transformative change in the world.

If you get a moment, I'd urge you to read our investment thesis to better understand how we'll select investments.

Doubling down on Africa

We’ve decided to double down and narrow our investment focus to Sub-Saharan Africa.

When we pondered our vision for transformative change, it was clear that Africa was where our most effective and aligned investments would be made. 

The population is young, the land is arable, and the continent isn’t subject to the legacy infrastructure of the industrial revolution. Therefore, Africa is uniquely positioned to lead the rest of the world in charting a new and better path towards the future.

We will still extend our village in support of causes around the globe, such as previous contributions we've made to relief efforts in the Caribbean.

Richer community experience

Our villagers are the life of Kwanda. So, we're going to invest more into the collaborative relationship between our core team and villagers. We're going to bring back village brainstorms, focus groups and work to widen the opportunities for villagers to collaborate across every aspect of Kwanda.

We're revamping our impact reporting process and will now send villagers a monthly email update and a more detailed village report quarterly. Again, the focus is quality over quantity.

Upping the minimum contribution to £5 / month

We decided to step up the village's minimum contribution to £5 per month to make our funding model more stable. As a result, we can focus less on aggressive village growth and more on creating a richer village experience.

Villagers who currently contribute less than £5 will be able to remain on that contribution level. Nobody will be forced to up their contribution.

... those are the main changes!

What happens next?

We will be unpausing villager subscriptions over the coming days and re-opening entry to the village. We will also be restarting our communications - we'll be in your inboxes and on social media regularly again! 

Also ...

Before we went on sabbatical, we began creating a £20,000 grant fund for Black-owned small businesses in the UK, as well as a £10,000 grant fund for Black mental health initiatives in the UK. We'll be making good on those grants before we move into our new investment strategy ... more to come on this.

Final notes.

These are massive changes. But, as you know, we are about transformation, not incremental change. Building a better version of the future requires daring, unconventional solutions - like Kwanda. These adjustments put us in a better position to invest in similarly bold and ambitious ideas. 

We are thankful for your continued support and belief in us. We're excited to be back at work and building on our vision for a better world.

As a villager, you should feel free to raise any concerns or thoughts regarding our shift in strategy in the community or to the Kwanda team.

It takes a village.