Project Complete

Providing 2 hours of free professional recording time to 5 black-centric podcasts

About the project

Podcasting is the fastest growing medium in the media sector, and there's a lot of room (and advertising money) for the vibrant entertainment and thoughtfulness that black conversation brings about. Just as necessary is having a wide array of black voices and topics to tap into when individuals are looking for their next podcast episode.

Whether you're recording a pilot or want to improve the sound quality of your existing podcast, this project aims to encourage more black podcasters and listeners. We will be providing 2 hours of recording time at Guap Studios to 5 podcasts with a black centric subject matter.


Guap Magazine are our official partners for this program.

This project is funded by Kwanda villagers. We can continue funding similar projects with more villagers so do join us, or spread the word!


How can I track the progress on this project?


There are not yet any updates on this project