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Two £1,000 business grants for innovative black-owned businesses


In collaboration with Jamii - the discount card and discovery platform for black businesses - Kwanda is providing two business grants of £1000 to encourage and support Black founders who are working on businesses that are particularly innovative or in industries where Black founders are underrepresented.

Recipients of this grant will also have access to 2 hours of advice from available business experts within Kwanda’s professional network.


We want to mark our interest and investment in black-owned businesses tackling complex problems, creating innovative products, and engaged in industries typically devoid of black business owners.

We believe creating a business grant programme with this bias will encourage black business owners working in innovation spaces or building critical supply line infrastructure (e.g. black businesses working on medical products, education products, in logistics, in manufacturing etc).


  • Your business has at least one black and/or mixed-race founder
  • Your business based in the UK, US or Europe?


The deadline for completion of the application is on the 31st August 2020, and the winning recipients will be announced by September 28th 2020. By applying for this grant you agree to our Terms & Conditions

This project is funded by Kwanda villagers. We can continue funding similar projects with more villagers so do join us, or spread the word!


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