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November 2020 Report

Written by Jermaine

Village overview

Village monthly income


+141 (+1%)
Total villagers


+37 (+1.4%)
Available village capital


Good health
Capital deployed (this month)


Total deployed (all time)


What happened this month?

Project update

Clean water for Titye Secondary School

This month we passed a vote and embarked on a project in collaboration with Tanzania Development Trust to bring water to Titye Secondary school in western Tanzania.

Currently, the 486 students and more than 1200 people living nearby need to fetch their water from a stream 2.3 km away. Bringing water to Titye will allow girls to spend much more time on their studies, and so improve their educational performance and long term prospects.

This month significant progress was made in the drilling of the well and the school will have a clean, quality and consistent water source within the coming days.

Capital deployed


People impacted


Funding update

Supporting flood relief efforts in Jamaica

This month saw Jamaica get hit hard by tropical storms. The storms - Zeta and Eta left parts of the island in shambles; overflowing rivers, landslides, destruction of homes and loss of at least two lives.

A large number of our villagers consider Jamaica home and brought this to the attention of the village. In response, we were able to deploy £3000 efficiently to support relief efforts through Food For The Poor (Jamaica) - a large local charity who were best equipped to respond to the immediate needs of those affected.

Funds deployed


Funding update

Support for Ghanaian Artists impacted by COVID-19

This month we made a £500 contribution to an existing fund which has been created to provide a safety net for artists in Ghana finding themselves out of work due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Given the lack of government support for such industries across Africa, our little contribution could go a long way for individual artists. As we grow, we hope to be a more significant force in supporting and encouraging the arts.

Funds deployed


Project update

Five paid scholarships for UX/UI design students

This month Tese, a student we provided a scholarship to as part of our Five paid scholarships for UX/UI design students project, landed a role as a UX/UI designer - and so soon after completing the course.

Yet another example of the life-changing impact we can have when we pool our capital for good.

Capital deployed


Scholarships granted


News update

Kwanda x disguise - 12 months paid internships

In October, we partnered with the award-winning global visual technology company disguise, to offer paid internships to Black professionals seeking experience in the industry.

I'm glad to say we're now moving candidates into interviews throughout December and will be placing four professionals in roles come January.


What's happening in December?

New projects

Sustainable agriculture project in Nyanza, Rwanda

We're currently holding a vote on a project which if passed, will support 82 impoverished families (492 individuals) in Nyabisindu Village, Rwanda.

Each family will be provided with expert training in agricultural practice, animal husbandry, finance and saving, which will be organised and carried out by our partners Dufatanye Organization.

Once the training is complete, we will provide each family with ten banana trees, two fruit trees, two laying hens, vegetable seeds, and fertiliser - which will provide a sustainable method for them to combat malnutrition and diseases associated with hunger.

The families will also learn how to save can produce an income for the first time by selling the surplus produce from their fruit trees, banana trees and laying hens.


Closing notes

November was a strong month for Kwanda. We added new members to our team, forged strong partnerships and made significant progress towards funding and executing more sustainable investments and projects in communities. There's still a way to go, but we're starting to get into a stride, and I feel really good about us returning to executing projects globally.

I hope you enjoyed this November report.

The more villagers we have, the more reliable our structure becomes for black communities. If you haven't already, I ask you to join us or spread the word!

Until next time.

Stay safe.

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