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October 2020 Report

Written by Jermaine

Village overview

Village monthly income


+129 (+1%)
Total villagers


+30 (+1.5%)
Available village capital


Good health
Capital deployed (this month)


Total deployed (all time)


What happened this month?

Project update

Food support for 250 homes in West Africa

Earlier this year we set out to provide food support to 250 homes across West Africa as a response to government lockdowns which saw households in remote areas lose their abilities to work and support themselves.

This was a challenging project to execute logistically due to the travel restrictions, but I'm happy to say we crossed the finish line today as our West African ground team made their way to Mali and provided food support to a final 52 households.

In total, we were able to extend our support to 258 homes across 5 countries: Ghana, Nigeria, Mali, Togo and Benin.

I want to thank all those who made individual donations to this project as well as our ground team, contributing villagers and community partners who enabled us to fulfil this project successfully.

We estimate this project provided short term, but useful relief to 800+ people.

Capital deployed


Homes supported



70 homes


56 homes


52 homes


41 homes


37 homes

Project update

Five paid scholarships for UX/UI design students

As product and service design becomes more ingrained in our daily lives, it's crucial that Black people also contribute to the creation of these products and services.

In August we offered scholarships to aspiring UX/UI designers to take a course which would help them kick-start their design careers.

I want to share with you that the course concluded this month, and all students successfully made it to the end of the course. As villagers, we're now a part of their journey to finding fulfilling careers doing the work they love.

Capital deployed


Scholarships granted








Funding update

Supporting the #EndSars protests in Nigeria

This month protests erupted across Nigeria as the countries youth took to the streets to speak out against ongoing police brutality affected by SARS - a division of the countries police force.

Feminist Coalition was one of the organisations that stepped up - facilitating peaceful protests and ensuring protestors were physically and legally supported.

As a village we passed a vote to provide £5000 in additional funding for the organisation to extend their work in coordinating volunteer lawyers nationwide, securing bail for arrested protesters, paying medical bills for wounded protesters, providing supplies and first aid kits for protesters and supporting the families who had lost their loved ones to police brutality.

Sadly the protests concluded on a down note, which saw the military open fire on peaceful protestors. Still, the funds have been deployed to various ground organisations that are continuing dispersals.

Funds deployed


News update

Kwanda x disguise - 12 months paid internships

We partnered with award-winning global visual technology company disguise, to offer paid internships to Black professionals seeking experience in the industry.

With offices in London, Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles and Shanghai, disguise teams across the globe are leaders in collaborative visual storytelling.

Together we have created an opportunity for Black creatives and professionals to engage in a 12-month internship during which they will rotate between four departments: Quality Assurance (QA), Support, Hardware and Software Engineering.

If you know someone who should know about this opportunity you can learn more here.


What's happening next month?

Core focus

Beginning new projects

We've been connecting with vetted organisations across Sub-Saharan Africa who are aligned with our core focuses: Health, Education, Infrastructure, Job Creation, and Relief.

This month we developed an impact framework that will see us outputting small pilot projects across the continent with these organisations as we develop long term relationships and embark on more expansive projects over time. These upcoming projects will require the passing of vote and will be trackable on our projects page. The projects will range from the sponsoring of schooling for young girls to clean water projects and business incubator development.

Core focus

Villager engagement framework

For villagers who would like to do more than offer monetary contributions to Kwanda, we've begun to develop a framework for engaging villagers in the day-to-day running of Kwanda.

We aim first to learn which villagers are happy to volunteer their time and which functions they are interested in contributing to. Then we'll be able to use that information to engage villagers in tasks.

Do mission-driven work

We're always looking for world-class talents to join our internal team. People who want to do mission-driven work, and can commit to upholding our quality for execution. We have paid roles, and unpaid roles (typically leadership, flexible hours, and gradually extending into a paid role).

Role openings


Administrative Assistant (Hired)

Role openings

Unpaid / Leadership

Funding manager (Hired)

Communications Lead


Closing notes

This next month is about making good on our promise to invest capital into the communities we care about. I've spoken to impressive organisations throughout the month and we're ready to begin outputting projects collaboartively.

I hope you enjoyed this October report.

The more villagers we have, the more reliable our structure becomes for black communities. If you haven't already, I ask you to join us or spread the word!

Until next time.

Stay safe.

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