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September 2020 Report

Written by Jermaine

Village overview

Village monthly income


-£28 (-2%)
Total villagers


-5 (-2%)
Available village capital


Good health
Total spend (this month)


- 43%
Total spend (all time)


What happened this month?

Project update

Digital group-therapy space for black people

This month we were able to kick off our two group therapy programmes for both women and men. Each programme will host five women and five men for six weeks and both have gotten off to a great start so far.

Funds used


Number of participants



Project update

£1000 business grants for Black innovators.

Earlier this year we took £2000 from our village pot and created a business grant - in collaboration with Jamii - to encourage and support Black founders who are tackling complex problems, creating innovative products, or engaged in industries typically devoid of Black Founders.

After a two month open application period, we concluded this grant with 184 applications, offering two grant awards of £1000 to the successful applicants.

We wrote an article with more information on the grant recipients, their businesses, as well as other applicants with impressive businesses. Read here

Funds used


Grants awarded


Grant recipients

Project update

Covid-19 relief grants for Black key-workers

This month we concluded the raising and distribution of £12,500 (as part of a £25,000 total raised in collaboration with BYP) to Black key-workers who found or are finding themselves at risk and still at work due to financial insecurity.

The grants were made out to and able to impact 50 key-workers, who found the grants useful in paying for groceries, covering utility bills, buying schools clothes for their children and more. We're now working on a detailed impact report in collaboration with BYP, which will be shared with all villagers as soon as it's ready.

Funds deployed


Grants awarded


Company update

Refined our long term strategy

Given our shift into phase two of our development strategy, we updated and re-published our long-term strategy. This should offer all villagers a sharper view of what Kwanda is, and what our approach will be as we fix into place for the next few years.

View strategy

What's happening next month?

Core focuses

In October we're going to focus on resuming and maintaining a healthy cadence in village growth, village spending and communication. If these three things are in order, then we're on the right path.

I'd urge villagers to reach out and ask how they might be able to help with our collective growth and spending goals.

Core focus


Village growth has stalled primarily due to a pause in outreach and marketing on our side. For good reason: we've had to focus on concluding and running a lot of our invisible projects such as grant distributions, therapy programmes and the like.

We're ready to get back to growing the village in October, and will be setting a lofty to target to grow our current villager count by 10%.


10% village growth (260 villagers)

Core focus


In October we're going to be resuming funding and voting with an updated voting experience 2.0.

The new experience will improve readability on proposals and also allow us to add more information to proposals, including videos and images. The aim is to empower villagers to make decisions confidently and with more information.

New internal improvements to our processes will also allow us to increase our funding activity by enabling Kwanda to seek out causes and propose funding opportunities to villagers proactively, rather than waiting for organisations to request funding from us.

By the end of the year, we'd consider £10,000 a month regularly and "effectively" invested into our communities as a win.


£10,000 in effective spending

Core focus


Transparency is a core pillar for us, and we have internal processes that track how well we're communicating every update and change to our villagers across our different communication mediums.

We're pledging to keep all communication mediums in 'the green' this month which means updates will be on time, and we'll generally bias to oversharing.


Maintain green level communication

Do mission-driven work

We're always looking for world-class talents to join our internal team. People who want to do mission-driven work, and can commit to upholding our quality for execution. We have paid roles, and unpaid roles (typically leadership, flexible hours, and gradually extending into a paid role).

Role openings


Administrative Assistant (Hired)

Role openings

Unpaid / Leadership

Funding manager


Engineering / Tech Lead


Community Lead


Communications Lead


Closing notes

I'm excited as I was in February when we launched Kwanda. I spent a large part of the last few months doing work that wasn't very tangible but necessary—a lot of strategy, admin, legal, finances, hiring, etc.

We're now in a position to get back to the important stuff alongside a growing team: Investing capital into our communities, and sharing the resulting impact with our villagers.

We have lofty targets for October, but I really think we're positioned to hit them. I'll be letting you know how we get on in October's monthly report.

I hope you enjoyed this September report.

The more villagers we have, the more reliable our structure becomes for black communities. If you haven't already, I ask you to join us or spread the word!

Until next time.

Stay safe.

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