5-phase plan

This page outlines Kwanda's 5-phase development plan.

Each phase is combined with the next, which means the activity carried out in stage 1 will be carried out in stage 2 and so on.

Africa is by far the most productive landscape for realising this development plan, and so we will bias towards building infrastructure in Africa over the long term to accelerate Kwanda's growth.

Phase 1

Short term impact / projects

While we build our capital base, projects will be our primary method for producing short term positive impact in our communities. We will be more reactive to the immediate needs of our communities and also extend funding out to other community initiatives. The projects we produce and complete will help develop relationships that will serve our work in the short and long term.


  • Contributing to the funeral costs of members of our communities.
  • Producing upskill workshops.
  • Providing grants and funding to individuals, organisations and for-profit companies.
  • Covering training and educational costs for individuals, etc.

Phase 2

Permanence / programmes

In phase 2, we will have a significant enough monthly income to maintain permanent and ongoing initiatives, which will lead us to re-purposing earlier and well-received projects into recurring programmes. In this phase, we will also begin to revive cultural spaces for use by our communities - permanently.


  • Creating consistent and well funded supplementary education for children and adults.
  • Maintaining replenishable funding sources for grassroots organisations.
  • Producing recurring creative and innovation grants.
  • Providing access to reliable, professional mental health treatment for members of our communities.

Phase 3

Sustainability / businesses

In phase three, we will begin producing sustainable impact and businesses to grow Kwanda's social impact and economy. We will make infrastructural contributions to communities which will allow those communities to support themselves, easing the need for us to produce short term projects. We will engage in joint ventures with black-owned businesses, supplying them with the reliable cash flow and network of experts they need to operate effectively, therefore moving into profitability sooner.


  • Installing clean and economical energy sources into communities.
  • Targetted upskilling and job market insertion of individuals.
  • Buying into small businesses, providing reliable cash flow and investment.
  • Generating startup capital and resources for farmers.

Phase 4

Growth / investment

In phase four, we will work to secure a satisfiable rate of yearly economic growth across Kwanda by developing a diversified investment portfolio. We will bias towards black-led companies, funds and financial instruments but will not limit our scope to such.


  • Investing in and through venture capital firms.
  • Large asset purchases.
  • Supplying business loans
  • Seed investments into startup companies.
  • Developing a diversified portfolio of stock, bonds and commodities.

Phase 5

Build / infrastructure

In this final phase, we will begin building large developmental infrastructure across many areas, from agriculture to health and education. We will work to return manufacturing and production capacity to regions that have been economically excluded. We will work to improve the quality of life and education levels drastically for communities who have been excluded.


  • Retrofitting communities in remote and low-income areas with modern technologies, exposing them to electricity, internet, improved sanitation and cleaner water.
  • Creating research labs, funds and grants for focused research into areas concerning black communities in health, economy, and more.
  • Creating developmental institutes, schools, universities, and innovation centres.
  • Building hospitals and health centres.
  • Reviving degraded prisons and redeveloping them into rehabilitation programmes.
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