At Kwanda, we back transformative African ideas. We raise money from individuals across the globe and invest it in highly creative approaches to solving some of the most meaningful problems we face today.

What do we look for in our investments?

We are looking for ideas, projects and businesses that are achieving exponential results or have the potential to achieve exponential results in innovative and exciting ways.



Ideas that are drastically improving the way things are done - transforming the lives of a few or a lot of people.



Ideas that are solving important problems more effectively and/or more sustainably than existing approaches.

What do we invest in?

We concentrate our investments on these focus areas:



Solutions that are expanding access and increasing quality in education


Solutions that are expanding access and increasing quality in healthcare.



Solutions that are building towards secure and sustainable food futures.



Solutions that are catalysing a pathway towards a greener and more sustainable future.



Solutions that are creating equity and inclusion for marginalised and structurally excluded communities.



Technology and infrastructure that will enable Africa's young population to unleash its potential.

Apply for funding

If you are building a solution that meets our criteria and will improve things significantly for a few or a lot of people, then make an enquiry to register your organisation’s details with us. If we are interested in your solution, we will follow up with you to discuss further.

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