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How Kwanda works?

Step 1 - Join the village

Start giving a monthly pledge (minimum is £5). You’ll be providing access to education for children, capital for social entrepreneurs and more.

Step 2 - Get voting rights

You’ll be issued your voting rights, which you’ll use to decide which investments we make and which projects we fund.

Step 3 - Track your impact

You’ll get direct access to all our impact and financial data, and get updates on each project we fund, as well as our team’s work.

Hear from our villagers

Naa 🇬🇭

"I really like the idea of Kwanda being a pot. In Ghana, we have the Susu box. I was excited to see this because Kwanda is essentially a Susu box! It's everyone contributing to help everyone else."

Frequently asked questions

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Who's behind Kwanda?

How does voting work?

Why is Kwanda mostly focused on Africa?

How do I stay in the know as a villager?

As a villager, how should I share my ideas with the Kwanda community and team?