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The Reason

Jamaica has recently been hit hard by tropical storms Zeta and Eta. These storms have caused overflowing rivers, landslides, destruction of homes, and loss of at least 2 lives. The island is in shambles.

The hurricane season is not over yet, as it is projected to end on November 30th. This year's hurricane season has been unprecedented, setting a new record for the most named storms in a season in the last 15 years.

A member of parliament for the hardest hit parish in the country, St. Andrews, Juliet Holness, has stated that the country cannot handle any more at this time and that roads and bridges need to be rebuilt.

Climate change is a growing concern globally, and Jamaica is facing an environmental crisis like never before. The country needs all the help it can get to rebuild.

Our donation

Food for the Poor JA is a large local charity currently best equipped to respond to the immediate needs of those affected by the flooding in Jamaica.

Our donation of £3000 to the charity will provide much-needed food, water, and shelter to those affected by the storms. Additionality, the donation will also be used to provide medical aid to those injured and displaced by the storms. The donation will help the community recover and rebuild after the devastating flooding.

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