Earmarking £4,000 in funds to support African & Caribbean student refugees in Ukraine

Deadline passed
Partner(s): Kwanda
🇺🇦 Ukraine
🪙 £4,000

As you may be aware, the conflict in Ukraine is quickly displacing a large population of civilians living in Ukraine. According to the UN, 1 million refugees have now fled Ukraine seeking safety.

Unfortunately, even in such a conflict, the ugly face of racial discrimination is once again starkly present. At a time of such crisis, African & Caribbean students have revealed shocking reports of discrimination at the borders, onboard the evacuation buses, and from those they imagined would provide refuge. Instead, many have been left in the cold.

As an organisation, we try to focus on and encourage investment in the positive efforts, initiatives, and inventions around us; still, we find ourselves on the side of the many villagers who have expressed concerns about the discrimination faced by African & Caribbean students in Ukraine.

This is a proposal to earmark £4,000 in funds to support the efforts of individuals and organisations on the ground in Ukraine, Poland, Romania and other surrounding territories, fighting back the unfair treatment of African & Caribbean refugees fleeing the conflict.

If this proposal is passed, we will begin working in collaboration with villagers to determine the most effective and productive means of deploying these funds.

Note - We currently cannot facilitate top-up donations from donors