Funding a clean water source for Murufiti Secondary school

Deadline passed
Partner(s): Mboni Ya Vijana
🇹🇿 Tanzania
🪙 £1,500

This proposal seeks to fund our third clean water source, in Tanzania, with £1,500 in capital from our village pot.

"Clean water is essential for human life. It is equally critical to the education of all school-age children."

Where are we drilling?

Murufiti Secondary school is located 14 km from Kasulu town (Tanzania) and has 600 students, 332 boys and 268 girls. The school has no water supply; hence students collect water from the stream or carry it from home for school use. The stream is 1.5km from the school.

Drilling a borehole at the school will provide a long-lasting water solution to the school, enabling peace of mind and settlement of the students when they are at school.

Once the borehole is completed, it will be handed to the school for use and maintenance. Our partner Benedicto Hosea and his local organisation Mboni ya Vijana, will conduct follow-ups to evaluate the impact and produce reports.

Why we work with Benedicto

Benedicto Hosea has lived in this region his entire life and has perfected a technique whereby local youth use simple equipment to hand drill down to the water table over several days and then install a rope pump they have made themselves. It's a simple and easily maintainable solution, making it a sustainable approach to clean water provision.


Building this clean water source will directly benefit the 600 students, 16 teachers' families and 580 community members who live close to Murufiti Secondary School.

Clean water at the school will reduce time wasted on water collection from the stream, improve the health of the students and the community, and improve the academic performance of the students and school.