Proposal to vote on, by Friday 22 Mar
Support for War-Affected Families in Sudan
Funds required: £1,000
Region: Sudan

Note from the CEO: Our fundraising model is unique. It puts us in a good position to sustain and grow donations to efforts like this over time. This vote is for a one-time donation. But we may want to make it a long-term commitment. If so, we will vote on a policy to enable this type of sustained funding. We will make all such policies accessible on our website, and we can repeal them by way of a vote.


This proposal outlines a £1,000 donation. It is aimed at easing the suffering of civilians impacted by war in Sudan. Through a strategic partnership with the Sudan Solidarity Collective and local Emergency Response Rooms (ERRs), we will bolster efforts to provide essential food, healthcare, and shelter services. Our collective action will support community kitchens, home clinics, and neighbourhood pharmacies that are critical lifelines for those affected by the ongoing conflict.

The Urgent Need

Various states have been severely affected by conflict in Sudan, resulting in a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented scale. The local healthcare system has collapsed, and access to basic needs such as food and shelter is increasingly becoming a matter of survival. The situation is dire, with displaced and war-impacted civilians struggling to find safety and sustenance amidst the chaos.

The Solution

The proposed funding will be channelled towards:

  • Supporting the operations of Emergency Response Rooms' community kitchens, which provide daily meals to families affected by the conflict.

  • Funding home clinics and neighbourhood pharmacies that offer medical care and supplies to those in need.

  • Assisting in procuring food, medicine, healthcare supplies, and covering operational costs essential for the continued provision of these services.


Our collaboration will involve:

  • Direct financial support to buy food in bulk, which will be distributed to families through communal soup kitchens.

  • Reimbursement for supplies and operational expenses related to ERR Home Clinics and Neighborhood Pharmacies.


This project will immediately help hundreds of families in Sudan. It will provide critical support, ensuring access to daily meals, healthcare, and medicine. This intervention addresses the immediate needs and supports the community's resilience by sustaining volunteer-led initiatives that have emerged as vital in this crisis.


The plight of war-affected civilians in Sudan demands urgent and comprehensive support. This proposal aims to extend a lifeline to those facing unimaginable hardships. It reinforces our commitment to humanitarian support and solidarity with the people of Sudan.

If you want to donate separately to the solidarity fund, you can do so here. (Disclaimer - Kwanda is accountable only for funds distributed via our cash holdings).