Proposal to vote on, by Wednesday 14 Dec
Funding 10 weeks of one-to-one-therapy sessions for 3 individuals.
Funds required: £1,500
Region: United Kingdom

This proposal is to fund and partner with The Empowerment Group, a UK charity (1190584), to provide free one-to-one therapy to Black people over 18. A grant of £1,500 will pay for three people to access ten weeks of therapy with a licensed therapist.

This grant will likely be deployed in January when The Empowerment Group re-opens their waiting list.

Why is this important?

The Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey found that Black people are more likely than White people to experience a psychotic disorder. The risk of psychosis in Black Caribbean groups is estimated to be seven times higher than in the White population. Access to mental health treatment is a luxury for many Black people.

The Empowerment Group

Founded by Kunlé Oyedeji The Empowerment Group is well respected in the community for its reliable, fast, and culturally appropriate psychotherapy services.

Kunlé is an invaluable asset to the community, a leader and mental health advocate whose expertise in this field has been refined through various roles with prestigious national charities - with a depth of knowledge in leadership, management, fundraising and project delivery.

You can watch testimonials of those who have benefited from the work of The Empowerment Group here and here.


The grant will give three individuals access to ten one-to-one culturally appropriate therapy sessions each.

The impact on the beneficiaries will be greater self-acceptance and self-esteem, the ability to change self-defeating behaviours/habits, the ability to better express and manage emotions, and relief from depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions.

This work will fall under our Mental Wellbeing project if approved by villagers.