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Access to culturally sensitive mental health treatment is sorely lacking yet vital for many black people in the UK. Studies show that black people are more likely than people of other ethnic backgrounds to be diagnosed with severe mental health problems and yet are least likely to access suitable and needed mental health treatments.

This initiative, in collaboration with trusted organisations, charities, therapists, and facilitators, will promote access to mental health treatment and catalyse awareness around mental health.

Additionally, as part of our initiative, we have set up a fund specifically to provide financial support for those seeking mental health treatment. This fund will ensure that individuals who are either on waiting lists or interested in receiving mental health services but unable to pay will still be able to get the help they need.


From the field

We're migrating our website, so some older projects and updates might be missing temporarily!
Posted by Jermaine

Posted 16 January 2023

Three beneficiaries have officially begun therapy sessions and are scheduled to complete them by the 24th of March.

For privacy reasons, we cannot share more about the individuals, but if we're able to tease out some feedback from them at some point over the next few weeks, I'll update here!

Posted by Jermaine

Posted 12 January 2023

We're excited to introduce our first partner in this program: The Empowerment Group.

Founded by Kunlé Oyedeji, The Empowerment Group (Also known as TEG) is well respected in its community for its reliable, fast, and culturally appropriate psychotherapy services.

Via TEG, we'll be deploying £1,500 in capital from our collection pot which will be used to pay for three people to access ten weeks of therapy with a licensed therapist.

Posted by Jermaine

Posted 28 November 2022

Hey, all.

I'm excited to launch and introduce our first long-term project - meaning this will be an ongoing initiative which will see us partner with various organisations, charities, therapists and facilitators over time.

Our first order will be to vote on a proposal to earmark some funds from our village pot for this initiative. We'll also be opening up donations for this initiative shortly.

We'll post all updates related to this initiative right here. So keep an eye out, and ensure you're subscribed to project updates when you're a villager (you can do this on your dashboard).

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