Black communities, historically and in the modern age, continue to be of great benefit to humanity as a source of inspiration and invention.
We believe a world that is uninterested in the development of its black communities, as we move on into the future, will fail to benefit from the ingenuity hidden within such communities across the globe.
We are commiting to the unearthing of that ingenuity by investing in black communities and creating a system that allows others who are interested to do the same.
How Kwanda works
Self funded

Access to the village is granted via a monthly pledge, of which the minimum is £1. This contribution is used to fund projects, and grants you voting rights and an equal voice amongst villagers.

You can increase, decrease, or cancel your contribution at any time.



Welcome to the village. You now have voting rights.


We use slack - a chat tool - for discussion amongst villagers. These discussions are where ideas are exchanged, opinions are voiced, and concerns are raised.



There's an amazing coding school here in Brazil we should invest in.



Nice. How can we learn more about the school?



👋🏿 Software engineer here! Do they need volunteers?

Trackable projects

Visitors can track the progress of projects we invest in, donate to those projects and subscribe for updates throughout the project life-cycle.

In progress

Clean water tap in Kpalimé, Togo.

est. 4 month completion

Voting sessions are called to approve investments or the awarding of funds. Every villager has voting rights and can participate in votes.

Funding request

The Kami Foundation has requested £2000 in funding for their women's health program.


All visitors have access to our village ledger, which shows our bank transactions and fixed running costs. This will give visitors a full view of our income and spending.

We believe the black community is enterprising and creative enough to solve its own issues. of us have started building the future we want to live in.

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