Non-profits raise money to help people. But, there is currently no good way for donors to see if the non-profit is using the money the way they said they would.

Kwanda helps solve this problem by showing donors where their money goes, what impact it has and letting donors collectively decide how to spend the money.

Kwanda is a new, transparent and democratic way to fund sustainable local solutions.

How Kwanda works

Self funded

Access to the village is granted via a monthly pledge, of which the minimum is £5. This contribution is used to fund investments, and grants you voting rights and an equal voice amongst villagers.



Welcome to the village. You now have voting rights.

Trackable investments

Villagers can track project progress and get regular project updates live from the field.

In progress

Micro water plant in Kpalimé, Togo.

est. 4 month completion


Voting sessions are called to approve funding and organisational decisions. Every villager has voting rights and can participate in votes.

Funding request

The Kami Foundation has requested £2000 in funding for their women's health program.

Full transparency

Villagers have access to our village ledger, which shows our bank transactions and running costs.

Join today, and help fund world changing projects.

Frequently asked questions

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