Kwanda is a village for those who want to build reliable and empowering systems for black communities.
Black, Asian and ethnic minority workers with degrees are two and a half times more likely to be unemployed than White workers with degrees. Black workers with degrees are paid 23.1% less on average than White workers with degrees. Equality and Human Rights Commission
The current system is disempowering black communities.
We have to build new structures that are fairer and more sophisticated. Structures that embrace technology and embrace change. For us, by us.
Better healthcare, access to capital, access to education, involvement in science.
How Kwanda works
Self funded

Access to the village is granted via a monthly pledge, of which the minimum is £1. This contribution is used to fund projects, and grants you voting rights and an equal voice amongst villagers.

You can increase, decrease, or cancel your contribution at any time.



Welcome to the village. You now have voting rights.

Joint effort

We use slack - a chat tool - for discussion amongst villagers. These discussions are where ideas are exchanged, opinions are voiced, and concerns are raised.



We should run a coding class for black kids.



I'd love to help make this happen. I've taught classes before.



👋🏿 Software engineer here. I can help too!

Impactful projects

Projects are our primary method for creating impact in ways that are manageable and measurable. Projects are formed organically through discussion amongst villagers.

Projects eventually turn into programmes, businesses or infrastructure which provide sustained and permanent impact.


Cover 5 hours of therapy costs for 4 individuals

3 individuals covered

Voting sessions are called to approve projects, funding requests or clarify the village's stance on a decision. Every villager has voting rights and can participate in votes.

Funding request

The Boa arts school has requested £500 in funding for their art classes.

Full transparency

All visitors have access to our village ledger which shows our bank transactions. This will give visitors a full view of our income and spending. We aim for 50% or more of our expenditures to be spent with black vendors.

Smart allocation

Dedicated pots help to distribute village income into different focus areas such as health, education, business, or even geographical regions like Africa or the Caribbean.

Funds in a pot can be used by the village to execute projects, or made available to external individuals or companies who seek to create value for black communities.

Dedicated pot

The motherland pot

£2438In available funds
In less than 4 months ...
Raised for black families
Projects completed
Villagers working together

We believe the black community is enterprising and creative enough to solve its own issues. of us have started building the future we want to live in.

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Frequently asked questions

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How do I stay in the know as a villager?

How do I pause or cancel my monthly contribution?

Can I increase/decrease my monthly contribution?

Why do I need to pay monthly to join?

What if I don’t see any ongoing projects I care about?

Can I get involved and help out with projects I am interested in?

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