Donation to buy sewing machines and starter kits for 12 girls in Uganda

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Amount donated on 29 January 2023


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🇺🇬 Uganda

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The reason

In 2022, Youth Link Networks successfully passed six girls through their sewing project, which provided girls who were not in education, employment, or training with technical skills in sewing and financial literacy. However, they could not provide the girls with sewing machine starter kits, which would enable them to start their own businesses and receive continued support from the organisation.

Despite their fundraising efforts, the organisation needs to secure more funding to provide the starter kits. They have successfully raised £5,000 through individual funding efforts, but they still need additional funding to provide the necessary starter kits to the girls.

The solution

Youth Link Networks asked for £2,400 in funding to cover starter kits for 12 girls, at a total cost of £200 per girl.

With this donation, the organisation will be able to provide starter kits to girls who completed the program in December 2022 and to new girls who start on January 16th, 2023 and complete the program in June 2023.


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