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Food support for 250 homes in West Africa

About the project

Many countries in West Africa are not in a position to provide adequate social support to their wide breadth of citizens. The lockdown across West Africa has seen households in remote areas lose their abilities to work and support themselves.

We recently partnered with the Nigerian Youth Corps to provide food support for a week to 50 elderly citizens and their households in the southern region of Nigeria - at a small cost of £250.

This project will allow us to continue doing this work and extend this support to other countries in West Africa.

Using village funds, and in partnership with organisations and volunteer networks in West Africa, we will provide food support to 50 homes. We will then look to raise funds to support further homes. This project will also help to develop relationships that will position us to produce more sustainable impact in West Africa once the situation is less critical.

We plan to work in the following countries: Benin, Cameroon, Nigeria, Togo, Gambia, Ghana.


We're actively seeking out organisations in and individuals on the ground in these target countries who we can collaborate with to deploy this support effectively.

We are currently partnered with:

  • Nigerian Youth Corps

Partnerships are vital to our carrying out of this project, if you can help, please email us on

This project is funded by Kwanda villagers. We can continue funding similar projects with more villagers so do join us, or spread the word!


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