Health education and sustainable menstrual kits for 200 girls in Ghana

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A student addressing a large group of students in a classroom setting. The students, wearing matching white hijabs and uniforms, are seated closely together, paying attention to the speaker. The room has a wooden open-frame ceiling and yellow walls, giving it a spacious yet warm ambiance.

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🇬🇭 Ghana

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👩🏿‍🦲 200

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This project, in partnership with the AKAYA Foundation, seeks to combat period poverty and enhance health education for 200 girls in Ghana's Teshie and Shai Osudoku Districts. With a budget of £1500 and a duration of 8-10 weeks, the initiative will deliver crucial health knowledge and reusable menstrual products to these young women, fostering their well-being, education, and empowerment.


In the economically challenged regions of Shai Osudoku and Teshie, girls confront significant obstacles that undermine their education and health. The prohibitive cost of sanitary products, compounded by taxes, places them in vulnerable situations, affecting their ability to attend school consistently. Furthermore, a pervasive lack of personal health information and societal pressures exacerbate these challenges, creating a dire need for intervention.


The project will be carried out in the Teshie and Shai Osudoku Districts of Ghana, areas notably affected by period poverty and where educational setbacks among girls are prevalent due to economic and societal factors.


  • Empowerment Workshops: Conducting sessions on menstrual health, sexual rights, and confidence-building to empower girls.

  • Sustainable Menstrual Kits: Distributing reusable menstrual products to address period poverty and support uninterrupted school attendance.

  • Broader Education: Engaging with schools and communities to create a supportive ecosystem for girls' health and education.

  • Implementation Approach: Collaborating with local organizations to identify and support beneficiaries, assembling necessary resources, and training local educators for sustained impact. An evaluation framework will also be established to measure the project's effectiveness in improving health knowledge and school attendance.

The Future Impact of the Project

This initiative is poised to significantly lessen the burden of period poverty for 200 girls, enhancing their educational attendance and overall quality of life. By fostering a better understanding of health and rights, the project empowers participants to make informed decisions about their bodies and futures. Moreover, by removing health-related barriers to education, it promotes regular school attendance. Ultimately, this project aims to serve as a scalable model for addressing similar challenges across Ghana and potentially beyond, laying the groundwork for broader societal change.


Addressing the multifaceted challenges faced by girls in Ghana due to poverty, lack of health education, and societal barriers, this project represents a critical step forward. With the support of Kwanda and the AKAYA Foundation, it will not only transform the lives of 200 girls but also inspire broader community and societal advancements.


From the field

First school of the day complete

Posted by Jermaine

Posted 5 April 2024

The facilitators wrapped up at the first school of the day and distributed menstrual kits to all the female menstruating students.

Photographs of the health education sessions

Posted by Khadija Owusu

Posted 5 April 2024

Here are some photographs on the students and facilitators in session:

Nafisat delivering a session on consent and safe touch

Posted by Jermaine

Posted 5 April 2024

Our fellow Kwanda villager and trained psychotherapist Nafisat delivered a session to the girls on consent and safe touch.

The team has arrived at the first school and is kicking off the first workshops

Posted by Khadija Owusu

Posted 5 April 2024

Seen here are girls engaging in small group discussions about the barriers to girls pursuing an education in Ghana. The girls also provide pre-session feedback to the facilitators.

The team in Ghana have started putting together kits

Posted by Jermaine

Posted 4 April 2024

A quick update!

The Akaya Foundation team has successfully received the cash transfer. They are procuring and putting together the menstrual kits in Ghana. They will hold the workshops this week and give girls 100 across two schools in the Dunkwa Abontsin area sustainable menstrual kits.

The workshops will involve teachers, boys, and girls.

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