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Uganda is one of the leading refugee-hosting countries with over 1.5M refugees whose sole survival is dependent on handouts. The World Food Program gives refugees $5.4 per head or equivalent in food rations per month, barely enough to sustain. As a result, many refugees are left in vulnerable situations with no additional means to supplement. This situation is exacerbated for women-led households and urban refugees. For example, 81% of the refugees in Uganda are women and children, and 64% of the homes are women-led (UNHCR 2020). As for urban refugees, Kampala alone has over 80,000 refugees who don't receive any aid, according to the refugee policy.

Patapia provides an economic engine to allow the refugees to start and run small businesses through a community-financing model. Patapia offers refugee women micro-loans, access to savings accounts and the support to start and successfully run their businesses and ultimately create their own jobs.

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