School placement for 25 girls in deprived communities

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đŸ‘©đŸżâ€đŸŠČ 25

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This project will sponsor the education of 25 girls for the next academic year - providing free education for girls who come from the most deprived communities in Ghana.

In collaboration with Achievers Ghana, this project will see us covering the costs of schooling - placing five girls in private education, and a further twenty girls in public education with sufficient textbooks, and learning material for the year.


In a slum, where most people live below the poverty line, the education of girls takes a backseat. Poverty, underdevelopment, illiteracy, ignorance, and conservatism cause girls to forego their fundamental right to education. Given the impact of Covid-19, girls returning to school in January is of low priority. Many have missed out on a year of schooling and are a significant risk of falling behind, or out of education entirely.


Achievers Ghana has built a wide network of schools and educational partners across rural communities in Ghana, and have keen insight as to which girls in these rural communities have potential but may not be able to realise it due to financial restriction. We will be working with Achievers Ghana to identify and place 25 girls in school for the next academic year, tracking their progress through the year and ensuring they have all the textbooks and learning material necessary for them to excel.


Access to quality education for girls will be crucial in combatting the relentless trend of poverty, disease and marginalisation of women in deprived communities in Ghana. It will give girls and women confidence and command over their future, making them a great benefit to the communities in which they reside.


From the field

We successfully placed 25 girls in school.

Posted by Jermaine

Posted 24 March 2021

It hasn't been straight-forward, but we, with Achievers Ghana, managed to successfully place 25 girls in public school with adequate learning aids.

We had initially aimed to place some girls in private schooling, but due to the previously mentioned uncertainty surrounding school fees, this was not possible.

Volatile school fees are making it difficult to get this project off the ground.

Posted by Jermaine

Posted 12 March 2021

Hey, all.

We've struggled to get this project off the ground due to volatility in private school fees. This is a result of uncertainty around restrictions and school openings.

There is no clear solution, so we've begun working to place girls in public schools while engaging private schools.

I'll share another update as soon as I have one!

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