Support for war-affected families in Sudan

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Amount donated on 27 March 2024


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This effort collaborates with the Sudan Solidarity Collective and local Emergency Response Rooms (ERRs). Our donation aims to reinforce the provision of essential services such as food, healthcare, and shelter. This support is crucial for the sustenance of community kitchens, home clinics, and neighbourhood pharmacies—vital resources for those caught in the conflict's grip.

The Need for Support

Sudan is grappling with a profound humanitarian crisis triggered by ongoing conflicts, affecting vast regions beyond just the capital. The breakdown of the healthcare system and the scarcity of basic necessities have pushed many into survival mode. Families and individuals displaced or directly impacted by the conflict are desperately seeking safety and sustenance.

How the Donation Helps

The funds will support:

  • The functioning of ERR’s community kitchens, which provide daily meals to families in distress.

  • Home clinics and neighborhood pharmacies offering essential medical care and supplies.

  • The procurement of food, medicine, healthcare supplies, and the operational costs crucial for maintaining these services.

Implementing Support

Our partnership involves:

  • Direct financial aid to purchase food in bulk for distribution via community kitchens.

  • Covering expenses for ERR Home Clinics and Neighborhood Pharmacies to remain operational.

  • Collaborating with the Sudan Solidarity Collective to facilitate telehealth services and secure medical supplies.

The Impact

This donation will offer immediate relief to hundreds of families across Sudan, ensuring their access to necessary meals, healthcare, and medication. It aims to meet urgent needs and enhance the resilience of communities by supporting essential, volunteer-driven initiatives.

Conclusion and Ongoing Support

The dire circumstances across Sudan call for immediate and extensive support. This donation is a step towards providing vital assistance to those facing severe hardships. It underlines our dedication to humanitarian aid and solidarity with the people of Sudan. Moreover, the possibility of continuing this support will be subject to our members' votes, emphasizing our commitment to responsive and sustainable assistance.


From the field

Cash is on the way ... in chunks

Posted by Jermaine

Posted 27 March 2024

Just a quick update to say, we've distributed a first batch of the donation (50%) of the donation as we're bumping up against donation limits with PayPal.

The team is working to get the second batch into Sudan.

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