Sustainable agriculture project for 82 families in Nyabisindu Village

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Nyabisindu village is located in the Nyanza district and is 6 kilometres from Nyanza town. Within the Nyanza district, the poverty rate is reported as 17.6%, but reality shows that poverty is much in higher villages like Nyabisindu. Along with the high poverty rate, there is much hunger, malnutrition and illiteracy affecting 98% of the village households. The families living in the villages cannot provide for their daily basic needs. Many make less than $0-$15 a month to live on.

We, alongside Dufatanye Organization, will provide 82 households in Nyabisindu village with the training and tools to produce and sustain a balanced diet, as well as financial training to ensure they are well equipped to create an income with any surplus produce.

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