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Sustainable sanitary products for 50 girls

location icon Mbare, Zimbabwe
money icon £750
time icon 4 - 6 weeks
people icon 50

This project will provide 50 girls from Mbare High School with reusable sanitary pads and complementary accessories which will last them up to 2 years.

Our trusted partners Days for Girls Zimbabwe will work with grassroots organisation The Period Care Package Initiative to deliver kits safely and provide menstrual hygiene education virtually.


On average, 72% of rural girls in Zimbabwe do not have access to sanitary wear and miss 48 to 60 days of school a year due to their menstruation.

The financial burden of procuring sanitary wear results in the use of unsanitary alternatives. These include corn curbs, cow dung, leaves and rags. The stigma associated with menstruation increases the risk of these unhealthy and unhygienic practices as girls are not adequately educated on healthy menstrual hygiene practices.


This project will promote healthy menstrual hygiene management through virtual educational sessions and the donation of tailor-made packages with sustainable sanitary wear that is locally manufactured in Zimbabwe.

Each girl will receive a kit that contains reusable sanitary pads, two pairs of underwear, five pegs, two big Ziploc bags, one cloth bag, 1 bar soap, one washcloth, a menstrual calendar and an educational leaflet about menstrual care and hygiene.

Sustainable sanitary products for 50 vulnerable girls
Sustainable sanitary products for 50 vulnerable girls


No girl should face unnecessary hurdles to access supplies and information during menstruation. Poverty, gender inequality and cultural taboos are all contributors to period poverty in Zimbabwe.

This project provides girls with comprehensive menstrual supplies which will last them up to 2 years. It also educates girls on the normality of periods and how to manage their health and hygiene, supporting them to stay in school all year round.

The pads are locally manufactured by Days for Girls Zimbabwe’s skilled artisans and support their mission-critical work restoring vulnerable girls and women's dignity.

This investment flows into this locally-owned women-led supply chain, ensuring long-term sustainability.

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Days for Girls Zimbabwe

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This project is funded by Kwanda villagers. We can continue funding similar projects with more villagers so do join us, or spread the word!


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