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480 girls in Kenya have now received their kits

Posted by James Musyoka

Posted 22 June 2024

For the last two weeks, the local moms and our team have been busy making, training, and distributing reusable sanitary pads for the two remaining schools, Makaalu Primary and Mwaasua Secondary Schools.

A total of 61 kits were issued to students at both schools. We are very excited to report that 480 girls have now been trained on menstrual hygiene and issued reusable menstrual kits! All the seven targeted beneficiary schools have been fully trained and issued with sanitary kits. They include:

  1. Nunga Primary School - 35 girls

  2. Wamunyu ABC Primary School - 31 girls

  3. Makaalu Secondary School - 34 girls

  4. Kilembwa Secondary - 289 girls 

  5. Mbuini Primary School- 30 girls

  6. Makaalu Primary School – 31 girls

  7. Mwaasua Secondary School – 30 girls

During our training and distribution schedules, the students have expressed great gratitude for the kits. Faith, a student at Mwaasua Secondary School, commented:

“I am humbled and excited to receive the kit; I will not be stressed anymore on what to use during my period. Sometimes, I was praying that my period skips when I am in school because I don’t have sanitary pads.’

The local moms making the reusable sanitary kits did an outstanding job! They are also very grateful for the project and its impact on young girls in the community. Miriam, one of the moms making the kits, commended.

‘I am happy that the parents of the girls who receive the wings Poa won’t struggle to buy synthetic sanitary pads and that money can instead be used to buy food for the family.  I am proud of making the Wings Poa because I know girls won’t miss school and won’t have challenges getting sanitary pads.

As we wind up the training and distribution of kits to students in the seven targeted schools, we wish to thank Kwanda supporters for your great generosity, which is making a big difference among school girls in our community.They will now attend school regularly without period interruptions. Long live Kwanda!

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