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67 girls have received their kits

Posted by James Musyoka

Posted 27 May 2024

Our team has identified 7 schools whose girls shall benefit from the sanitary pads: Nunga Primary School, Wamunyu ABC Primary School, Mbuini Primary School, Makaalu Primary School, Kilembwa Secondary School, Makaalu Secondary School and Mwaasua Secondary School

So far, the team has administered surveys on menstrual sanitary hygiene at Nunga Ps, Wamunyu ABC Ps, Mbuini Ps, Kisinzini Ps, Makaalu Sec and Kilembwa Secondary School. This survey was administered to all the girls at puberty to collect essential information on menstrual hygiene, which, in turn, informs the girls about the training. After collecting the survey data, our team analyzed the data and conducted workshop training at two schools, Nunga PS and Wamunyu ABC Ps, focusing on general menstrual hygiene, usage and product maintenance.

After the training, our team issued 36 girls from Nunga Ps and 31 girls from Wamunyu ABC Ps with a kit each. So far 67 girls have benefited. The full kit contains 10 liners, 3 shields, a pulse, a drawstring bag and a pantie.

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