Another update from the field in Kenya.

Posted by Jermaine

Posted 12 August 2022

Here's an update from James - the project manager on the ground in Kenya.

The Moringa trees have been progressing well, with some dried-up trees replaced. The custodians and students have been doing a great job in ensuring the Moringa trees flourish through watering, mulching, and applying manure. Being a dry season, we are experiencing a water shortage; however, we are using the available water to sustain the trees.

Plans are underway to construct a solar dryer, and we recently consulted with the Emuka Farmers Cooperative to learn more about building our solar dryer. It was a successful visit, and we also discussed partnering in helping to process and sell our product. Since some of our trees are close to harvesting, we expect to build the dryer within the next month.

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