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Eazywaste adds two more (Kwasikuma and Akraman) communities to their recycling initiative.

Posted by Jermaine

Posted 5 April 2022

Using our funding Eazywaste has continued to expand its community outreach program and has recently expanded into two more communities: Kwasikuma and Akraman.

Progress update from Ernest ...

We are now closer to the end-users of our raw materials, informal sector aggregators of plastic waste and plastic waste pickers in Kwasikuma and Akraman communities. We've given them unique access to recycling whilst educating them on the need to recycle and its benefits. As a result, we increased our plastic recovery and production in February by 1,680 kilograms.

... and a message from the residents of Kwasikuma and Akraman communities:

"We now always know recycling is accessible right at our doorstep. This makes us feel we are part of the greater good, and it encourages us to put plastic waste in the right place because we know it will be recovered and recycled."

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