Following up on the girls at Mbare High School

Posted by Jermaine

Posted 30 July 2021

We have received an update from Takudzwa Chitima, one of our partners on the ground. She has carried out a follow-up survey with four of the girls who received reusable Days for Girls pads as part of this project. 

In Form 2, Trish has enjoyed using the pads. She likes that they are portable and she can take them to school easily. She previously used 2 packs of pads per month but has stopped buying disposable pads completely, which has saved her money. Her only complaint is that the Days for Girls pads are thick and make it hard to wear tight clothing. 

Mitchell in Form 4 found the Days for Girls pads challenging at first as she was used to disposables. However, the learning curve wasn't steep, especially as she had been washing disposable pads and reusing them. She's had no leakage and has not bought reusable pads since she started using the Days for Girls pads. Her family members also want to know where they can get some! 

Vanessa in Form 4 hasn't had a chance to use the reusable pads because her mother took them from her and is using them herself. Takudzwa attempted to communicate with the mother but could not do so. 

Karen in Form 4 has stopped buying disposable pads and only uses the Days for Girls pads. She finds them easy to wash, and they dry quickly. The pad holder is a bit big for her, but she's had no leakage and no longer experiences the irritation she used to get with disposables.

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