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Meet Kadiatu Bangura

Posted by Jermaine

Posted 28 December 2022

Meet Kadiatu, a driven entrepreneur from the Tok and Do group in the Bolima community. Recently, Kadiatu received her second loan, a total of 2,400 SLE (around £105), to support her new business venture: handmade soap called "Africana Soap."

This soap comes in two varieties - one for body washing and one for household chores. Kadiatu's recipe for the household soap is simple yet effective, using only palm oil, caustic soda, and water. She expertly boils the ingredients together, allows the mixture to dry, and then grates it into flakes. Customers can purchase the soap by the cup.

Every morning, Kadiatu rises with the sun to begin making her soap. She then takes her product to the wealthy area of Lumley, where she can sell it at a higher price and earn a better profit. Kadiatu has big plans for her business and is eager to diversify by introducing a line of body-washing soap to attract new customers. With her determination and hard work, Kadiatu is poised for continued success in her entrepreneurial endeavours.

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