The courses are complete

Posted by Rumbi

Posted 11 November 2021

Good news - all the training courses are now completed. Over the last 8 months, Ingressive For Good trained 1,000 women across Africa in design skills.

We sponsored 200 of those women, with 50 places specially allocated for women from communities we have strong links with: thirty in Zimbabwe, ten in Kenya and ten in Nigeria.

In the end, 46 of those women took up their places and we're glad to update that well over 60% of them have completed their courses. The remaining few will have the opportunity to complete in the next few days.

The next step for these women will be applying the skills they've learned in practical exercises and seeking out professional opportunities with their newfound skills.

Design skills are highly sought after; our hope is that these women will be able to carve out successful careers in this in-demand field.

We'll continue to track their progress and we hope to have some individual stories to share soon.

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