The Lalambe well is complete and now in use

Posted by Jermaine

Posted 2 April 2021

The Lalambe well is now complete. The concrete has set, and the villagers in Lalambe can now use the pump, which is functioning perfectly. The school students and villagers are extremely happy.

As the well is in a remote area with very poor connectivity, Benedicto has been unable to send images but will do so as soon as possible.

However, Benedicto did manage to speak to the Headteacher of Lalambe Primary School, who said how grateful the school and village are and how much it will impact their progress. He sent the following quote from one of the girls there.

Deborah, a standard 7 pupil at Lalambe Primary School, said:

This pump is fantastic, it saves us so much time. Previously we wasted hours getting water from the stream. Now I can spend more time on my studies and I am more confident I will do well and follow my dreams. Thank you Kwanda and thank you God for this opportunity.

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