We're ready to start planting seeds.

Posted by Jermaine

Posted 3 May 2022

Some good news! All three moringa farm sites have been fully fenced and prepared for planting. Today locals, school custodians and students have begun planting and watering the Moringa seeds.

"Moringa trees are golden trees with so many medicinal benefits, and as a custodian and a parent, I am going to work to ensure that we get the best out of this Moringa project. That's why most of the time you find me here at the farm watering and weeding."- Anna, Ngangani School custodian.

"I am very much willing to allocate you a group of students to be part of this Moringa project so that it can be a learning opportunity for mathematics and environment lessons." - Anderson Muinde, Headteacher at Maanzoni School.

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