Early evidence is showing that the banana trees are resilient in drought conditions

Posted by Rumbi

Posted 2 September 2021

Dufatanye's staff made a field visit to Nyabisindu to check in on the villagers and the banana trees that were planted.

They conducted a small-scale experiment to see how resilient banana trees would be in drought conditions with a sample size of 16 families. 5 families had only one surviving plant, 6 families had two surviving plants and the remaining 5 families had 3 surviving plants.

The experiment has confirmed their hypothesis that it is possible to plant banana trees in the dry season. Next will be to figure out an optimal approach to watering the trees so they survive. Mulching and drip irrigation seem to be the most effective so far - the surviving trees have all been mulched consistently.
We are working with Dufatanye to figure out sustainable water solutions to ensure the villagers can plant all year round with minimal crop losses.

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