Munafa has carried out a post-disbursement visit

Posted by Rumbi

Posted 2 July 2021

Munafa has carried out a post-disbursement visit to the entrepreneurs who have taken out loans so far. Visits were conducted by the Branch Manager (Alice) to the Tafataneh group members. Alice carried out checks and could see the goods and inputs procured with the loan and provided business advice to the entrepreneurs.

These bi-weekly visits and additional training will continue to take place. As education is quite low in this community, Munafa encourages entrepreneurs to invest in their children's education. In 2020, 95% of the entrepreneurs Munafa works with had their children aged between 6 and 17 enrolled full-time in education, which is much higher than the average enrollment of around 55%.

This is a good example of how Munafa works holistically with the entrepreneurs, supporting them far beyond achieving business success.

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