Operations have kicked off in Sierra Leone!

Posted by Rumbi

Posted 21 April 2021

We've received an update from Munafa that operations have kicked off!

Our initial group of entrepreneurs has been selected. The group is called Wan Wod, which means "harmony" in Krio. They are based in Moa Wharf, a low lying coastal slum area in Freetown whose main activity is fishing. It is built on a bay and is very prone to flooding.

The group has undergone two diagnostic meetings with Joseph, the Field Officer in charge of Moa Wharf. The diagnostic meetings are to ensure that the group meets Munafa's criteria and to assess the group's cohesion and their understanding of Munafa services.

Joseph is now individually registering all the partners (entrepreneurs) at their place of residence so that they can open their individual savings accounts in the next 2 weeks.

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