Training is complete and entrepreneurs are getting ready to receive loans

Posted by Rumbi

Posted 12 May 2021

Following on from our last update from Moa Wharf, we are pleased to share that Joseph, the Field Officer, has now individually registered every partner (entrepreneur) to create a savings account.

The group has also progressed with their entrepreneurship training. They've had training on the role of group leaders and have elected their three group leaders: a chairlady, a treasurer and a secretary.

They've also attended training on loan management, which will be the final step before they can get loans disbursed to them. The training highlighted how the loans will be tailored to the individual needs of each partner and their ability to repay. Some members of the group will take their first loan at the end of this week.

The group decided to change their name to Tafataneh, meaning "closeness" in Temne, the most commonly spoken language in Moa Wharf.

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